SajeWinds Plantation
2401 Hwy 26 East
Montrose, Ga 31065

Historic landmark house and home to Fritters! Restaurant, Fun and the Fabulous Gypsy Vanner Horses

Fritters Restaurant

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SajeWinds Plantation is home to exquisite Gypsy Vanner horses.
Come feel the magic these rare horses will bring to your heart!

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A bit of history . . .
Historians have referred to the house as the Cain Coley Homestead,
originally built in 1842 by Alcanah & Martha Dikes Coley, and operated the house as an Inn for travelers which was located at the Bissell stagecoach stop along the Uchee Indian Trail.  Through the 1800's in addition to the Inn, there was a Country Store, (which still stands) a school house, and several other buildings.  The original 10,000 acres that is listed on the 1803 deed was divided and sold off for various reasons over the century. In 1868 Mr. Coley died leaving a debt of $5,600. owed to their son in law, Joseph White who had married Cherry Ann Coley.  4000 acres was given to pay the debt, but was later was given back.  Joseph & Cherry Ann White had built the historic house of "Whitehall" nearby, on their own 20,000 acres.  When Joseph White died, Cherry Ann remarried a  Mr. Rogers, who was many years her junior.  There is an entry in October of 1883 with the name Riley Smith and another entry in 1922 conveying the deed from a J.R. Smith to a J.E. Smith.  
Mr. I.C. English owned the house from 1934-1948, selling it to his brother in 1948.  His brother owned the house for twenty years until he sold it to his son, Mr. Paul English in 1968.  Forty years later, Paul English sold the house and its current thirty acres to Alan & Sharon Johnson, in 2008.  The Johnson's, originally from the "Heart of Florida," fell in love with the house and surrounding land and knew that this would be their perfect spot to raise and train their horses.  Equally important, Alan & Sharon have discovered the generous warmth, friendship and hospitality of their neighbors that makes the "Heart of Georgia" feel at-home.  Like the Coley's did 167 years ago, they've opened their home to share with city-folk and country-folk alike, what a wonderful place this is!

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